He makes me happy. I know how to treat him right. The harder you try to make him love you, the harder you will fail.couple-in-the-mood

Showing your guy you care doesn’t have to involve expensive dinners, or breaking the bank on pricey gifts. I’ve come up with some simple, no cost ways to shower your man with affection.


Rather than spend money on your man, show him how much you care with some simple, yet loving actions that will help ensure he feels loved-up all day long.

Express your love – without spending a cent

  1. Give him an unsolicited back rub
  2. Cook his favorite meal
  3. Make him breakfast in bed
  4. Give him control of the remote for the night
  5. Organize a video game tournament for him and all his friends
  6. Welcome him home wearing your sexiest lingerie (or nothing at all)
  7. Send him suggestive texts and emails through the day
  8. Pack him lunch and add a love note in with the goodies
  9. Get crafty and make him a scrapbook of favorite photos of the two of you
  10. Do the chores he hates doing for a day, i.e. taking out the trash or washing dishes…

Every moment you show you care instead of saying it, you create an image of true sustained love.


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